25 Lovely Farmhouse Living Room With Awesome Fireplace Ideas

Farmhouse Living Room with Fireplace 13

The fireplace is an architectural structure designed to pay attention to the fire. Fireplace for the practical purpose of warming up, cooking, and more. Fireplaces have big benefits like the rainy season as heating. But, as time goes by the fire is usually used as a heater because there is […]

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25 Cozy Small Rustic Living Room Design Ideas To Make Your living Room More Cool

Small Rustic Living Room 18

The design of the small living room can also have an equally impressive and comfortable appearance with a little creativity and the right choice of interior decorating styles. The living room is the only public area in the house. This room forms the impression and image of what your home […]

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25 Attractive Small Corner Shelf Decorations For Your Living Room

Cozy Corner Shelf Decoration 5

Shelves in the house have a function as a place to put certain things so that the house looks neat and organized. These shelves also have various types and placement. One type of shelf that is often found is a wall shelf. In addition to making the house look neater, […]

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20+ Amazing Wall Decor Ideas For Your Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Wall Decor Ideas 15

All must agree that the living room is the most crucial part of the house where the arrangement and design are far more important than the rest of the house. Because in the living room other people will give the first impression, see and feel how your home feels. Having […]

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Attractive 15 Sofa Design Ideas To Make Your Guest Feeling Comfort

Beautiful Design Sofa(1)

The sofa is a furniture that has an important role if friends currently occupy a minimalist house. Usually, the sofa will be installed in the room in the house such as the living room as well as the living room. The sofa includes items that are relatively more expensive than […]

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